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Aries New Moon & Intent Ritual

Zenformation for you to consider during these transformational times.

Particularly, the moon’s zenfluence and benefits to our lives. Technically, the moon was new at 2:24am ET on April 1st, Friday. I can’t even apologize for the late timing of this. It is affecting me too. Among many rituals, I thought I would share mine.

A New Moon in Aries Intention Ritual

The New Moon cycle is great for setting intentions. The Full Moon cycle is for other situations. Today I want to focus on the New Moon frequencies.

Both cycles allow us to recharge and recalibrate with Universal flow. 4 days before and after the new or full moon can still be effective. Paying attention to the moon cycles is such a powerful way to align with the Universe—and ourselves.

Paying attention to the media blurting about Aries being the Western Hemisphere’s New Year because it is the first zodiac sign is not wrong. Listening to the media hype of an Aries New Moon in the Zodiac sign of Aries sounds like a doubly good situation. New beginnings, new intentions for the new moon cycle of 2 weeks plus the new year? Nice! Not so fast. Many other planet cycles affect this new moon. Here’s what I have partly learned and partly channeled to share with us all about how to make the best of this particular new moon cycle.

Dream up what you want for the next two weeks and make it significant towards the rest of the 12 months of your life too. Don’t lose faith as you hop-scotch your way through life’s hurdles from March 31st through April 4th. 15 different aspects are affecting the moon and everyone more so than usual. Why? Because you’ve been given the past 2 years of shake up and wake up. Now the Universe wants you to test your mettle. Have you learned anything from the past 2 years? Do you trust the Universe and the multitude of Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, and Spirits of Loved Ones to make circumstances work out better than you thought best? Aries ruler, The Warrior, has 4 powerful planets in its grasp right now, bringing impatience, forcefulness, and an attitude of, “I want it the way I want it.” Usually that is a help. This time Saturn, the planet of stop, karma, or boundaries, is with 2 other planets fighting among themselves and taking it all out on you, your faith plus your flow. This rarely happens, but here we are.

While you are brainstorming your intentions during this disruptive week, Neptune and Jupiter, in Pisces are pulling you towards daydreams and delusions. This is not helpful to your flow, intentions, or any gratifications now.

Recenter yourself in a place of long term happy outcomes. Take a breath, and write down your intentions. Here is a ritual to adjust for your situation with your written intentions.

  1. Outdoors if possible, or in, fold up or not your paper.

  2. Close your eyes & breathe slowly 3 times, sitting, standing, or lying down with your paper to your heart.

  3. Keeping in mind the flow of change during these past 2 years, say out loud or to yourself 3 things you are grateful for with that progress in mind.

  4. Read the things you wrote on the paper, then ask the Aries element of fire to motivate these intentions you request. Ask the fire element of this new moon cycle to challenge, stir, battle for your intentions.

  5. Light the paper on fire. Mindful of the wind or glass/metal container to be safe. The paper fire has bits, sparks, energy to affect the air & aura around you. This ignites intention into Divine form. If it is meant to be that it is for your best outcome.

  6. Thank yourself for consciously helping your future self in some way. Thank the Universal cycles, the moon and the ebb/flow it shares with our planet, oceans, life-sustaining water within us too.

All set. Handle the ashes as you would any other ashes once they cool completely.

Rituals are a way to bring focus to the quantum possibilities.

Rituals are a way to set discipline and practice for energetic alignment.

It is not enough to want something. Set an intention or some, then focus on your intent, words, and actions. Be consciously grateful of all thus far. Be the person who already knows what it feels like to have and use the things in your intent with your intuitive imagination. Then let it go. Rituals help us align with this future-way of being. May this bring more Zen to us all.

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