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How to say Akashic and why Akashic Artizen as a name?

Akashic ((uh- kahsh (posh, mosh) -ick)) realms or records: dimension, frequency, place, or realm that contains records, memories, moments of the past, present, (in limitless realities) and future.

Artisan: developing oneself into an artist or craftsman of your own making

Zen: a place of joy, peace, simple, honest, self-confidence

As plans grew into steps of starting a business, the next one naturally was to don a name. Through growth with like-minded people and meditations the word “Akashic” resounded. For me, the word brought memories of childhood. Dad would invent many games, and invite the imagination to develop. The “hallway” game as I labeled one, involved Dad asking me questions as I peered through my mind’s eye for something he called Akashic Records. He said that if I closed my eyes, I could see a room with file cabinets in my mind. With my eyes closed, I asked if they could be really tall and he answered, “Yes, what else do you notice about them?” Sometimes I could see hallways and more hallways going in rows with file cabinets lining the walls. I couldn’t see the light fixtures, but there was a bright, gold hue everywhere. Looking back on the memories, I felt myself floating through the hallways, not walking. Dad would suggest I open filing drawers, when I felt like it, to see what might be inside. From the memories of opening up drawers, I just remember files of paper. Nothing colorful and glorious like I would have liked. So the game didn’t hold my interest like other games. I did enjoy the clean, organizational feeling of the hallways. The geometrical shape was soothing with its perpendicular and parallel intersections. In my memories, there were no ceilings, just cheery, yellow - gold, comfortable light. “These Akashic Records or hallways were memories of when you were very little or maybe from another timeline.”, Dad would say. Bored with the hallways, I would ask him, “ what was I like when I was little?” or “What is another timeline?” and off into hours of conversations we went.

In marketing, they teach that to be seen first, use the first letter of the alphabet. Use eye-catching spelling or fonts to be remembered. These hold merit with me when choosing a name. This business is to open more sensory channels and developments of all individuals who are ready. Seek understanding and balance karmic situations that arrive from past life happenings. Enjoy day to day living as best as possible. Consciously manifest options and outcomes for the greatest good. Now, how to come up with a name that encompasses hallways of the past, present and future “timelines” plus provides individual journeys of these kinds of growth? The word “Akashic” seemed right, but what to add? Always in my heart is a talented friend with intelligent wit. A few years ago, I pointed out a license plate that had his two initials and an “A” on the end. He elected to add “artisan” with a good-natured laugh. Quite apt and funny, it fit. Then and with the business ideas now. The Akashic Artizen name was born June 23, 2021

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