Fill your psyche cup

Daily Starts

Daily starts brings routine to help with personal growth and continued optimal well-being. Learn techniques to create your space. Learn how to make the best uses of your favorite supplies. Whether simple meditation & prayer, an alter or sacred grid or incorporating cards, candles, crystals, gemstones, sound, and stretches. Adjust, add or exclude any of the tools introduced in this class to fit your personality. 

Tarot 1 - The Tree Roots

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Tarot 2 - The Tree Trunk

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Reiki 1- Connect ESP

Learn ancient symbols that instantly open your extrasensory gifts. Enhance energy sensing. This activation connects with your auric bodies, pets, objects,  plants and others. Receive the powerful symbols through attunements. You will also receive a keepsake reference folder. This class is available for young people with written parental/guardian permission. Prepare for up to 3 hours of class time. Become a Reiki Practitioner. You will receive a certificate from this class.

Guided Zen Meditation

Meditation is a practice of centering in peace from within. Many consider this the point of Zen. An imagery and visionary place inside yourself. Becoming the same frequency as Wisdom or intent or your ability to raise your frequency. A state of meditation is healthy for your physical body, sleep, mental blocks, stress, emotional imbalances, and addictions. It allows you to enhance your extrasensory talents. This Zen state helps you to channel your ancestors, ascended masters, angels, guides, and your higher soul-self. There are as many ways to meditate as there are humans on our planet. This class is approximately 30 minutes. Each class technique may differ to accommodate the vibes of the day. 

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