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Tap into your intuition
Develop your extra sense perception

Wanna be more psychic?

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Reiki 1 Practitioner Certification

Magically, automatically, this 1 class clicks on your intuition. Open your power. Control energy. In this 1-3 hour class, you will receive a practitioner's authentic, historical certificate with handouts and attunements. Have you sat in the sunshine, and felt the warmth of the sun’s heat on your skin and clothes? Have you ever been in the sun so long that your skin changes color? Sometimes you get a smile from the sun’s happiness, have you noticed this? Have you ever noticed that flowers and plants look happier from the sun’s vitamins given to them? You can’t see the vitamins in the sunlight, but they’re there. These are all examples of energy. Energy is all around us.  

Have you thought about water? When it is very cold you can hold it in your hand because it is ice. When it is excited or pressured it can flow or spray. When it is very warm it evaporates into mist or steam in the air. Energy changes the water into ice, spray, or steam.  

When your stomach hurts, you put your hand there to soothe yourself. You are using Reiki energy to help your stomach feel better. In all of these instances you are exchanging energy.   

You will learn how to focus your energy on your desired target. Discover sacred symbols that can swiftly unlock your extrasensory abilities. Boost energy sensing. Activations that you will learn,  connect with your auric bodies, pets, objects, and plants. Receive the powerful symbols through formal rites of attunement. In this class, we will play with many ways to use our own intuitive, energy power. A man, Dr. Usui made great sacrifices to develop this sacred knowledge. Adult consent is available for children over 9 years of age. You will receive keepsake handouts of information and an authentic certificate of Dr. Usui lineage at class end. Many times and dates available. 

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Tarot Roots- Beginner

Learn the roots of Tarot. Bring your tarot deck or decks and invoke the spirits of story. In these 10 classes, you will learn the components of the suits, colors, numbers, and basic keywords for each of the 78 cards and their reverse. Up to 2 hours per each class. Pick either online or in person. Rider-Waite deck is the preferred choice for this class. Bring your tarot decks for additional knowledge. There is an option to pay $35 at the beginning of each class or save $40 and pay $310 prior to course start. Handouts are supplied with each class. You will receive a certificate of accomplishment at the end of the course. More information available in SERVICES, then Tarot Roots.

Daily Starts

Morning rituals and routines uniquely designed for personal growth and continued optimal well-being.

Learn techniques to create your space. Learn how to make the best uses of your favorite supplies. An alter or sacred grid or incorporating cards, candles, crystals, gemstones, sound, and stretches to start your day. Adjust, add or exclude any of the tools introduced in this class to fit your beliefs and personality. $36

Fruit Stand
Tarot Fruit - The People Cards

Did you know that there are people's characteristics in tarot cards?
We will learn in 5 classes many of the characteristic traits associated with the 12 zodiac signs. 
This class will add depth to your tarot readings. You may find that in certain tarot readings cards represent a particular person by their gender or personality traits because of their zodiac relation. This class is perfect for you! Whether you are familiar with the zodiac or not at all. Bring your tarot deck and receive keepsake guides to always have as a reference. $155 in full or $35 per class. Each class may be up to 2 hours. 

Zodiac signs A.png
Full Scope of Astrology

Blow your mind with the multitude of categories of the 12 zodiacs! Authentic, traditional knowledge that isn't easily known on the internet. Learn the meaning and symbology of the 12 signs. This is a one day class to introduce all the basics. Expect 3 hours approximately to associate, characterize, game-play, and group signs for easy memorization. You will use this information for the rest of your life! Personalities, elements, categories, patterns, and so much more of each zodiac sign. Begin your astrological exploration to take you further into any aspect of astrology after this class. There are so many areas of astrology to expand your knowledge. Daily, compatibility, predictive, generational, and epic times are just some examples. You will receive keepsake handouts on the material you learn in this class along with a certificate of authentication. $177 online or in person. Book the class online or chat/text/email for a time that fits your schedule. 

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Reiki Level 2 Long-Distance Healing

Soul Sensing Raf.jpg

Guided Zen Meditation

Meditation is a practice of centering in peace from within. Many consider this the point of Zen. An imagery and visionary place inside yourself. Becoming the same frequency as Wisdom or intent or your ability to raise your frequency. A state of meditation is healthy for your physical body, sleep, mental blocks, stress, emotional imbalances, and addictions. It allows you to enhance your extrasensory talents. This Zen state helps you to channel your ancestors, ascended masters, angels, guides, and your higher soul-self. There are as many ways to meditate as there are humans on our planet. This class is approximately 30 minutes. Each class technique may differ to accommodate the vibes of the day. $33

Tarot Branches - Intermediate

Do you already know Tarot somewhat? 
Are you a tarot reader for friends and family?
Do you want to grow more intuitive?

Receive certification for your achievements!

  • Learn to read groups of cards or 1 after another

  • Be a fluent tarot reader

  • Grow your intuitive extrasensory senses

It makes sense to memorize what the books say to learn each card. 
“A picture tells a 1000 words”, so which words make the message?
How do we go from reading 1 card at a time to several?

Tarot Branches is step 2 for interpreting tarot readings. 
Tarot Roots is step 1 to memorize the cards individually, the colors, numbers, reverses, & symbols, so Branches will provide your intuition to get stronger. Learn to read combinations of cards to gain a fuller message. Reading combinations of cards with others and understanding how to answer questions are focused here. Learn what questions are really being asked, intuitively. We will go deeper to get accuracy from the Tarot. There are options for online live classes or in-person on-site classes. Bring your snacks, refreshments, and notepad as we role-play and practice. We will use the Rider-Waite deck for cohesive purposes of the group. $35 for each class or save and pay $341 for all 11 classes upfront. This class meets once, twice, or three times a week as you choose. Pick the days online or in person. A certificate of achievement will be awarded at the end of the course. You will intuitively use your extrasensory senses while you gain speed and accuracy in reading the cards!

AAZ Planet Basic Astrology.png

Planetary Basics of Astrology

This is a supplemental class for more basics of astrology. 

Learn symbols of the planets and some asteroids
Learn planet characteristics
Learn rotation times

Learn to use an ephemeris or similar app
Learn more factual tidbits 

In 1 hour you can understand how the planets influence our lives and why. Use this knowledge to understand astrological implications. This class is a prerequiste for understanding ephemeras' and birth charts. You will receive keepsake handout materials. $72

Book this class with friends or individually. 

Coming Soon!

Open your extrasensory senses with this ancient Japanese healing art. Transcend time and space!

This will be a 1 day class with a keepsake folder of information as well as a certificate of authentication. 

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