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What to ask a during a reading session?

What can a Spiritual Medium Coach sense? Here is a list of options that Coach Robin A can supply.

Client questions inspire her to grow. Her decade of private parties, events, and daily "one to one" clients expanded her to skill sets. She admits answers surprise her as much as the clients when she hears them leave her lips. "Grab a few tissues just in case a beloved, acquaintance, or family member comes forward." she forewarns with a smile. Coach Robin A suggested this list if you are looking to ask questions about your life.

Current Professions 2022

Not in any particular order:

  1. Medium- Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, clair olfactory, clair kinesthetic, clairgustance, (smelling) and psychometrist. (touching)

  2. Certified Spiritual Coach- support to be the best self, choices and situations

  3. Grief and Mourning Coach-channeling person that passed

  4. Astral Travel (find and check in on things/people/pets if asked)

  5. Astral Project and View - see, feel, smell, hear a specific place and moment

  6. Tarot Master - telling significance, cause, or outcome possibilities

  7. Reiki Energy Master & Teacher - descendant of Dr. Usui

  8. Vibrational Sound Energy Practitioner & Coach- Tuning Fork frequencies to realign body, mind, and soul

  9. Medical intuitionist - identify & address health concern

  10. Past life channeling -who were you or someone in relation to you

  11. Past life karmic reset - Tuning Fork frequencies to clear karma

  12. Tuning Fork Session Phase 3 - recognize & release childhood trauma

  13. Sacred Geometry - body positions & energetic grids of high dimensions

  14. Protections - safe spaces

  15. Chakra Resets - align and Expand your authentic state

  16. Aura Cleansing, Viewing & Wellbeing

  17. Find person, pet, or thing

  18. Whisperer of person, pet, or thing

  19. Crystal & Gemstone Energy

  20. 72 names of G-d - codes of pre birth

  21. Astrology Compatibility

  22. Angel Numbers - what they do for you

  23. Numerology - life Purposes & significances

  24. Palmistry - are you on or off your life path?

We hope you found something that sparks your interest. Coach Robin A adds, "It takes a village" and "The easiest way to gain wisdom is through communication. To question and listen to each other, we continue to flourish."

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